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Guess What Arrives Tomorrow? First of Season Asparagus!


We just ordered the first of the season aparagus from our local farm partner, Riverdog.  Big, thick, crunchy, sweet spears that we find only from a few gifted producers, like Riverdog.  If you're asking yourself what all the fuss is about, it means you haven't tried our Roasted Local Asparagus with Prosciutto, Melted Cheese, and Poached Egg (and a touch of Hollandaise Sauce) Salad.  I still vividly recall the last time I had it- it was last year, towards the end of the season.  I ordered it to see if it was time to change over to a new salad.    It was spiritual.  A sensual texture almost impossible to describe,  balanced flavors with an over-riding sexy umaminess.  I recall thinking that this is the best possible way I've ever experienced to eat asparagus and that this is the perfect dish for that very special, very expensive Champagne in the cellar.  I'm almost certain that if James Bond could get his hands on this salad he'd be ordering it too.  I know what you're thinking, he exaggerates...  come see for yourself.


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