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Decoding Ferran Adria DVD Review


Ferran Adria.jpgRecently, I watched "Decoding Ferran Adria Hosted by Anthony Bourdain" on DVD.  (Many consider Adria to be today's best mind in western cuisine).  I was very curious (and a bit anxious) to be able to go behind the scenes and hear from the father of "foam", pasta-less raviolis, fried fish skeleton and other mind-bending creations.  The DVD did not disappoint.  It took us through a fairly detailed look inside Adria's "Taller" (laboratory) where he and his team work on their innovations and we get to sit through a meal with Adria and Bourdain... intriguing and educational.. I ate it up (excuse the pun).  However, the most interesting and exciting take away for me has to do with the two restaurants that Adria takes Bourdain to before immersing him in El Bulli, Jamonisimo (a specialist in Spain's jamon serrano) and a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Rafa's, that specializes in absolutely fresh fish caught that day.  These two places speak loud and strong about what Adria is all about (at the core)- wonderful, fresh, wholesome ingredients, prepared straight forward by folks who respect their ingredients and have an intimate understanding on how to bring these ingredients to the plate- this is just what we're passionate about at Tucos!  Adria is one of us!  As for the foam, pasta-less raviolis, and the fried fish skeleton...  I understood from the film that Adria is just having tremendous fun with food- rethinking the value we place on it, experimenting with technologies for getting it on the plate, entertaining with it, searching for that next "chocolate chip cookie" that becomes a part of our world from here to eternity.  Who can argue with that?  Adria has inspired me to continue on with my passion for big, happy, proud food and to continue on with my creativity.  Who knows I might some day come up with that next "Chocolate Chip Cookie" too....


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