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tucoslogo.JPGDid you know that our logo was created by David Lance Goines, most famous for the art he's created for Chez Panisse over the years?  His work always makes me feel great to be alive.  A funny thing happened the other day when one of our loyal customers came in to buy a special wine for a friend of the family.  They whispered to me that it was for the famous artist, David Lance Goines.  I told them the story, we selected the wine and I asked them to tell him how proud we are of the logo and that we hope he'll be proud of us.  They came back from the visit and told us he recognized the logo on the wine bag immediately.  He said to them, hey I did that.  They told him about Tucos and hopefully some day he'll come for a visit.  Take a visit to his web site.  It's a real treat.


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