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Our Chilled Vegetarian Borscht is a Homerun!!

Chilled Borscht.JPGI've wanted to put a borscht on the menu at Tucos for years.  Borscht is a Russian beet soup that I tried for my first time years ago during a business trip to one of my favorite cities in the world, Bogota, Colombia.  At the end of a long, productive day of visiting accounts, my local business partners treated me to dinner at a tiny Russian restaurant (more or less the size of Tucos) in Bogota's Zona Rosa district, named Nosdrovia (which means cheers in Russian). The place was cozy, poorly lit, and very Russian.  Two Russian musicians (one on piano, and one on violin) played the most beautiful, melancholic Russian folk music... intoxicating.  Several shots of Russian vodka into the evening we ordered our food.  Beluga caviar on buckwheat blinis, borscht, and several other things that I've since forgotten.  The evening was monumental and borscht, to this day, still reminds me of that night.  Recently I discovered that beets are an amazing source of soluble fiber (which is effective at lowering blood cholesterol) I decided now was the time for Tucos to develop our borscht..... Chilled Vegetarian Borscht....  simply delicious.  Refreshingly sweet and tangy and silky smooth.  It's a homerun!  Nostrovia!


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