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My Favorite Food in the World


Butterscotch Soup.JPGRecently I got asked what my favorite food in the world is.  Wow, what an exciting question!  I hadn't even thought of trying to sort that out.  I thought long and hard- My grandmother's Bistec Encebollado which she makes for me every time I visit her in Puerto Rico? The huge steaks I use to enjoy when in Buenos Aires? The quattro estrazione pizza from the poolside restaurant at the Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas? Jumbo stone crab claws dunked in butter and lemon from Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach? Fresh chocolate-almond croissants from the no longer existing French bakery in Weston, FL?  Postre de Nata which I order almost every night when visiting Bogota, Colombia?  Little did I know that my absolute favorite food in the world, the one dish I would order as my last meal without hesitation, is one I recently created...  Our Butterscotch Soup.  It exists nowhere else in the world except at Tucos.  It's been a well kept secret... That is until now.

A short story about how this creation came to be.  It began as many of my dessert creations begin- as a suggestion from my daughter, Sonoma.  She suggested we put something butterscotch on the menu.  I began researching butterscotch.  I learned that it's basically the combination of flavors of brown sugar, butter, and scotch whiskey.  I selfishly focused on creating something I would personally enjoy so that I could order it often.  I began thinking through a few of my absolute favorite desserts- Floating Island, Crème Anglaise, and Pudim Molotov (a soft-baked meringue I discovered in Brazil)....  Butterscotch Soup.  It's a soup-sized serving of butterscotch crème anglaise made with real butter, brown sugar, and bourbon and made with our favorite local milk, and fresh, local, pasture-raised eggs, and topped with a generous slice of Brazilian Pudim Molotov.  I order one at Tucos almost every night.  Don't believe me?  Just ask my staff.


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