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Introducing Our New Blackberry Float

Blackberry Float.jpgWe're always on the look out for new ways to show off our local fruit- presenting our most recent "show-off-our-local-fruit" innovation, Tucos' Blackberry Float.  This dessert came together when the blackberries began to show up at the market this season.  We love to make them into a compote and usually serve them over our house-made vanilla ice cream (delicious).  This time though, we had a hidden agenda- we've been anxious to get our favorite dessert on the menu (that is, Pru's favorite dessert)- Molotov Pudding, a portuguese merengue that is baked soft and spongy in a water bath and is usually served with a caramel sauce similar to the sauce on flan.  It is extremely difficult to find on menus, even in Portugal and Brazil where it originates.  We took this spongy merengue and "floated" it over a creme anglaise, similar to a floating island dessert, and then topped it with our wonderful blackberry compote... the results are magic!  We're so proud of our new dessert and Pru's extremely happy to have his favorite, hard-to-find dessert available to him any time at Tucos.


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