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Bacon-Wrapped Dates Are Back!!!

Dates.jpgThe Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Fresh Goat Cheese and Apple are back on the menu!  A quick story about the dates-  a few years back I sampled one of Katie's Medjool dates.  The texture and balanced sweetness blew my mind and I was determined to put them on the menu somehow.  I remembered a simple bacon-wrapped water chestnut dish that I loved at a restaurant that I worked at years ago and thought this might be the thing to do.  After tasting the bacon-date combo, I felt it was wanting something stuffed into the center,  I tired arugula and I tried goat cheese.  The cheese was the staff favorite so we went with it.  The apple slice went into the dish to give a little crunch to the mushy texture.  These dates have become a runaway hit- they've been picked as one of the best dishes in the region in Sacramento Magazine and Katie seems to sell out faster and faster each year as customers fall in love with her dates at Tucos then flock to her booth at the Farmers' Market.

Welcome back Katie!  We're delighted to see you.


Wrap pitted date and secure with tooth pick.  Bake at 400F until bacon is fully cooked.  Remove tootpick, stuff with fresh goat cheese and a wedge of a crisp apple like a Pink Lady and serve.


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