About Tucos

In 2004 our owner and founder left his day job traveling throughout Latin America wiring up the continent for the coming Internet revolution to share his passion of entertaining and discovering new foods and beverages. Not just any food or beverage or dining experience, but the ones that rocked his world from his travels and visits to his grandmother in Puerto Rico, who prepared some of the best Puerto Rican food on the planet. Visits to grandmother’s home and the quick, spontaneous stops to eat or drink a street vendor’s offerings in Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile stand out as some of the most delicious things he’s ever tried and are the inspiration and tribute that Tucos represents and brings to the Davis community.

About our food program– if you think of food as art, you can start comparing the food at some places maybe to mass produced printed posters, others might be more of a creative, colorful, abstract Picasso, or a lovely, romantic Monet. Ours is more of a work from Norman Rockwell or maybe even Jimmy Buffet- folksy, tradition-filled, heart-warming, family and friend-centric, unpretentious and often with a creative twist. Just as in any art, our food is not for everyone, but for those who get it, it’s very special and hard to find.

About our name– contrary to popular belief, our owner’s name is not Tuco. The name comes from a mispronunciation of the word “suco” which is juice in Portuguese. Our owner’s daughter, who speaks Portuguese, had trouble pronouncing her “s” when she was little and would say “tuco” instead of ‘suco” when she asked for juice. But feel free to call our owner Tuco… He’s use to it.

Looking carefully at what made our owner’s food experiences so memorable we’ve cultivated what we consider the most important elements and these have been a part of our DNA since day one!

Everything made from scratch (Just about everything)
We do things like our owner’s grandmother did- we spend all day in the kitchen preparing and cooking everything from scratch using tasty, fresh, healthful ingredients that are often local and organically produced- Our breads, our sauces, our dressings, most of our pastas, as well as all of our desserts. No purchasing of ready made food that is simply reheated and plated here- Ever!

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our owner still personally selects every single ingredient we use. It’s a bit of an obsession. He refuses to place a bulk order with a food distributor and have a large truck roll up and drop off the order. Our belief is that not all things are created equally and that the best things often require extra effort and extra cost… but well worth it. These ingredients are what help make our food so tasty!

Casual, Different, Fun!!

Why is our menu so different? Why is our place so different from most other places? Because that’s how we roll. Tucos is an extension of us. It’s how we like to relax and enjoy ourselves. We want to offer a good “home-cooked meal” in a casual, fun place just like the times and places that left such a strong, warm impression on our owner. The place is casual and informal just like the special places that our owner loves to frequent. No need to behave and put on your best manners here. Just let your hair down, laugh a lot, enjoy a fun, delicious beverage, and some memorable, yummy “home-cooked” food, and relaxxxxxxx… That’s what makes it worth all the effort for us- seeing you relax and really enjoy yourself.