Profound Wines are More Mistress Than Beverage


These two wines were strongly recommended to me.  From two juicy vintages in Burgundy and Bordeaux.  About to open em up…  Are they gonna be the ones?  Hey this is feeling like a blind date!

This whole anticipation has got me thinking- Wine as a beverage stands out from all other beverages. Its mystery and orgasmic producing characteristic, when profound, make it more of a mistress than beverage…  Not beer or distilled spirit or any other beverage or food does that… But there are some other things in life, see for yourself.

This has me remembering why I fell in love with wine 10+ years ago and changed my entire life because of it.  Thank you Cesar Lafaurie for that bottle of 1980’s Grigich Hills cabernet that you gave to me as a gift one Christmas. It changed my life. 🙂

BTW, I got to third base with the Bordeaux. 🙂