Crunch, Suck, Swallow. Oh, Those Placerville Asian Pears are Amazing!

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Asian Pear.JPGAt the risk of possibly creating a supply/demand issue at the Sunday Sacramento Farmer's Market, I feel compelled to tell the world about my recent Asian Pear addiction.  Not those flaccid, tasteless ones we've all likely tried at some point in our lives.   I've become addicted to the ones grown in the foothills, near Placerville, at Hooverville Orchards.  To best imagine these pears, think of them as a cross between a crunchy apple, a deliciously fragrant pineapple, and a super juicy watermelon. I'm not exaggerating in the least! These pears also deliver an impressive 4 grams of fiber per pear (16% of a day's fiber), which makes these one of nature's perfect packaging of deliciousness.   I'm an addict.  And I hope to make some more addicts of these pears!

Where to find them? You'll find me leaving the Sunday Sacramento Farmer's Market with two loaded grocery bags of them each week- one bag for Tucos and one for my house.  You'll also find them featured on our menu in our Pear Upside Down Cake (yes, they bake down wonderfully) and in our latest salad, our Pear, Walnut, Bleu Cheese Salad.

To those of you to decide to take action and hit the Sac Market, leave a few dozen for me, pleeeeease...

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