Our Jazzy Friends Are Becoming a Local Attraction!

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Steve & Kenny.JPGRecently, there was a message for me from one of my customers who was asking for information on our live band, GuitarBari, which made me smile with pride and made me want to share their story with you...


A few years ago one of our longtime customers, Steve Giannetti, who's since become a close friend, asked if he and a fellow musician could maybe play some live jazz at Tucos.  The two met a few years ago at A. Jenkins' jazz band class and after getting their confidence up practicing at home they wanted to give a live audience a shot.  Well, two years have gone by and they're still filling Tucos with wonderful live jazz every other Wednesday night.  It's been fun watching them develop a following..  Even fans that will linger and chat it up with them.  They've been mentioned in some of our restaurant reviews and I even had the pleasure of receiving a call from Memphis asking me to pay royalties to BMI for our live music!! LOL.  These two's passion for their music, Steve with his bari sax and Kenny with his electric guitar, embody the passion that very much makes up our DNA at Tucos (as well as our producers)..  Hats off and two thumbs up Guitarbari!!

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