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Oh That Sexy Cachapa...

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cachapas.JPGThese cachapas were looking so sexy I had to snap a photo of them.  A little cachapa story...


I fell in love with cachapas years ago during my travels to Venezuela during my Internet days. (For those of you who haven't tried one, you can think of a cachapa like a sweet and savory corn pancake served with cheese and sour cream.. very Venezuelan). Venezuela has everything to do with my life today, as well as Tucos.  As a young systems programmer for IBM in the Silicon Valley, I was recruited by a small start-up to support their Latin America team on some very sophisticated Ethernet cards for IBM mainframe computers...  We didn't know it at the time, but this was the first steps of wiring Latin America for the Internet.  These things ran $100K each!  Venezuela with their tremendous pioneering spirit, love of technology, and rich oil companies has always been an early and large supporter of these advanced solutions.  I remember one weekend that I had to stay over in Caracas, I booked a Peacock Bass fishing trip in beautiful Represa Guri.  On the drive back down the tiny  mountain road, there was this little wooden shack that we stopped at and ate these huge, amazing cachapas..  Tangy, hedonistic, exotic, soulful, monumental...  Cachapas have been on our menu at Tucos for six years now.  They're on the menu (as well as our arepas and vuelve la vida) because of the warm, generous support I've received from Venezuela for most of my adult life...   I feel I'm part Venezuelan...  and because cachapas also happen to be incredibly delicious, exotic, and soulful.  They're one of our most popular items on the menu.

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