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Let's Talk About Fun, Baby

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The Sac Bee's service comments on Tucos got me thinking on a bigger scale- about folks going out to dinner, the role service plays, and where we weigh in. When folks go out what are they looking for? I see two basic camps: 1) need to get something in my stomach (grab-n-go), 2) let's go enjoy ourselves (full service). We'll spend our time in this article focusing on #2.


"Let's go enjoy ourselves"- I can't think of a better measure of enjoyment than fun.  The more fun something is, the more one enjoys it. So how do we define fun at Tucos?  Great company. Feeling very comfortable and relaxed. A belly-rolling, out of control laugh. Lots of flirting and storytelling. Food and beverages that delight. A mind that's totally stimulated experiencing new things that are slightly outside of the comfort zone. Time that has passed oh so quickly. People all around you also doing the same. Leaving feeling like you want to go home and make passionate love to your partner.  I think that pretty well frames our view of fun.


Notice what's missing in our definition of fun?  Stuffy, polished, impersonal attitudes.  Food creations designed to impress you with their sheer creativity and aesthetics and at the same remind you how distant you are from our greatness. A quiet, cerebral encounter with dressed-to-impress people all around you.  Proper etiquette that is so proper that you are in full etiquette mode for fear of offending others or embarrassing yourself.  I imagine there are some folks out there that crave this type of experience (and they pay out the nose for it).  But as for me, no thanks.


So where do things at Tucos fit in the fun camp?  We've built a place, menu, and recruited a team that tries to create these relaxed, comfortable, slightly out of the comfort zone experiences while delighting your palate with delicious food and beverages.  Anything we do that takes away from the fun, whether it's mediocre food or beverage, poor service or an uncomfortable environment needs to be priority numero uno to be addressed.  If we do these things right, I believe we'll deliver on that fun and in turn make our community's lives richer, fuller, better. Not a bad thing.  It's what I love about Tucos!

Except for the disappointing service comments, the review we recently received in the Sac Bee is the single best review I've ever read for any restaurant in any paper (and I've been reading reviews in the SF Chronicle, LA Times, and NY Times every week for the past two years).  The review begins with the title "On the Road to Greatness".The place is described as "a magical place", the food is described as "ranging from good to great to ridiculously wonderful". A review just doesn't get any better than that, and guess what, as objectively as I can be, I totally agree- including the service comments.  There were some basic, unacceptable failures on our part, and a little bit of structure and discipline was bad..  This has been corrected and I'm extremely pleased with how we've been doing since.


Thanks Blair for taking the time to check us out.  We're so pleased with the review!


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